History of Oakwood

Old North School
Est. 1903

Oakwood Elementary
Est. 1933

School Song, Circ. 1962
To dear old Oakwood School will there be true
   And we will fight for rights in all that we do, and will work for thee both day and night, and all our teams will always fight with all our might
Ra, Ra, Ra!
Colors are white and blue.  They stand for sportsmanship and honor too.  And throughout all our years we'll give a cheer.  Give a cheer Oakwood School.

Historical Facts (parts are reprinted from a report by Amy Nicks; Oakwood class of 1963)

1.  Hickory Graded School (later named North School; then Oakwood) opened in December 1903 and was the first public school in the Hickory system. Its construction was financed by nine local businessmen with a $10,000 personal loan.
2.  It took 3 years to build the school
3.  The name was changed to Oakwood in 1933 after several additional schools had been built in Hickory. The name was selected in a contest and the winner received theater tickets as a prize.
4.  200 students first attended the school
5.  There were 9 teachers the first 6 years; D.K. McKrea was the first principal
6.  In 1918 Dr. R.W. Carver was principal and later appointed Superintendent of Hickory Schools, a position he held for 30 years.
7.  Also in 1918 there were 8 classrooms.
8.  The grading system was A-B-C-D-E
9.  In 1950 there were 17 classrooms
10.  The Oakwood Principals have been:  Mr. McKrea, Mr. Sigmon, Dr. R.W. Carver, Mr. Rinehart, Mr. Moore, Mr. Deaton, Mr. Sox, Mr. Starnes, Mr. Guy, Mr. Ketner, Mr. Bridgeman, Ms. Mary Arnold (interim), Mrs. Peggy Besse, Mrs. Abernathy, Mrs. Stalnaker, Mr. Hodakowski, Dr. Helms, Dr. Willis (interim), Mr. McCreary, Dr. Griffin, Terry Ashley 
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